Legs : No A youth Español: : No Vulgar? English: : No English: 1) Un pedazo de mierda. : No Español: Español: Vulgar? Español: Español: : No Español: Español: : No Español: Tatuaje de calavera Apache en el muslo. Derogatory? No, Derogatory? : Yes Vulgar? Vulgar? : No Skull Sucio. : No : No : No English: : Yes English: Mujer que excita a un hombre pero lo deja con las ganas. 2) Una mala persona, Derogatory? : No To start, the caller (cantor, or singer) shuffles the deck. : Yes Jun 5, 2016 - 51 La Palma (The Pine Tree) "Palmero, sube a la palma y bájame un coco real." : No [1] The current images have become iconic in Mexican culture, as well as gaining popularity in the US and some European countries. English: To be brave Vulgar? Money Ir de fiesta, Derogatory? Español: English: English: Something or someone in bad shape or ruined : No Intrometido, Derogatory? Español: : No : No Vulgar? To try hard English: Vulgar? Español: Ropa interior, Derogatory? How boring. Vulgar? : No Someone useless or something that doesn't work 21-jun-2017 - Tatuajes maories, un arte con simbolismos y significados.Simbolismos y fotos de tatuajes maories.Galeria de fotos de tatuajes creativos. : No Derogatory? General expression of anger or dissatisfaction In Mexico, it is traditional to use small rocks, crown corks or pinto beans as markers. Vulgar? For this version, before the game begins, players agree on how many pozos are to be completed in a row, column or diagonal pattern. : No Español: Bullshit Vulgar? A) Hyper-sensibility B) Jealousy : No English: : No Vulgar? Español: Español: A) Lover B) Homemade C) The owner of a house being rented : No Alguien que no ve bien, Derogatory? : No English: Comer, Derogatory? Español: Que las cosas se pongan difíciles. English: Vaciar los contenidos de una palangana múltiples veces (ej. Vulgar? : No : No English: : No Child : Yes Vulgar? He/she doesn't know what they're talking about Vulgar? Español: Español: To have a nice body : No English: : No Vulgar? Callate, Derogatory? : No : No English: Talk about someone behind their back English: Español: : No : No Empty the contents of a guacal multiple times (ex. Vulgar? : No Español: Derogatory? : No A Pozo is a group of images in a square. Avergonzar a alguien, Derogatory? Players choose a tabla to play with, from a variety of previously created tablas, each with a different selection of images. A) Grupo de personas en general B) Pandilla, Derogatory? : No Piropear, Derogatory? Español: English: : No : No : No Término despectivo para la gente común y corriente, Derogatory? Calavera. Vulgar? Español: Español: : No : No Español: : No : No : No Haber comido demasiado, Derogatory? Molestar, Derogatory? English: : No Please (short for 'por favor') : No English: Vulgar? English: A) Vulgar B) Without money : No Right? Vulgar? Ride English: : No English: : No English: : No Audaz. Español: Homosexual Cosas apretadas y ordenadas, Derogatory? A) Vómito B) Naúsea, Derogatory? Alguien que no puede hacer nada bien. English: Vulgar? Español: English: Español: 19. English: English: Los extremos de un pan sandwich, Derogatory? Vulgar? Vulgar? Vulgar? English: Vulgar? Español: English: Vulgar? Someone who doesn't come through. Vulgar? Boyfriend Trabajando pero no conforme, Derogatory? Used when ordering or at a store. Compañero, Derogatory? : No English: Bus Vulgar? Cheater Niño, Derogatory? : No English: Español: Derogatory? Cinco de algo. Español: : No : No English: Vulgar? Ayudar a alguien, Derogatory? Desmayo. Expresión de admiración, Derogatory? English: Español: English: Each player has at least one tabla, a board with a randomly created 4 x 4 grid of pictures with their corresponding name and number. English: Español: : No : No Angry : No Screwed : No Derogatory? : No Cosas. Vulgar? Vulgar? I pulled a muscle Español: Español: English: Tener sexo, Derogatory? Derogatory? : No To cheat on someone : No Vulgar? English: A) Hipersensibilidad B) Celos, Derogatory? English: : No Vulgar? Español: English: Español: Guau! English: : No : No Molestar, Derogatory? Español: English: Un montón, Derogatory? Where were we? Menso. : No English: Vulgar? Lotería is a traditional game of chance, similar to bingo, but using images on a deck of cards instead of numbered ping pong balls. : No Español: English: Every image has a name and an assigned number, but the number is usually ignored. English: Español: : No English: : No Cosa, Derogatory? Español: Español: : No English: Dar a luz, Derogatory? : No : Yes : No : No : Yes : No Vulgar? Español: : No Vulgar? Vulgar? Clumsy Smooth talker Persona con mejillas sonrojadas, Derogatory? Español: De ninguna manera. Español: Español: Note: can be a term of endearment, especially when drinking Vulgar? Vulgar? Español: : No : No Brown-nose : No A policeman English: English: English: : No Vulgar? To be distracted : No Español: Far away Someone who is always out in the street English: Te Acordas de esos discos Inquietos? : No Derogatory? : No Someone who doesn't see well However, there are several less traditional sets of cards, depicting different objects or animals. : No Young person Vulgar? : No Mentira, Derogatory? Vulgar? La máxima autoridad. Un poco. English: Vulgar? English: : No Damn! Alguien que come mucho, Derogatory? Vulgar? : No : No Every image has a name and an assigned number, but the number is usually ignored. : No Vulgar? Algo forzado/obligatorio, Derogatory? Derogatory? Calientahuevos. : No : No Cheek Elote con mayonesa, mostaza, ketchup y queso fresco/duro, Derogatory? : Yes Algo/alguien en mal estado/arruinado, Derogatory? : No Vulgar? Español:
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