I have turned the mattress numerous times. I waited to review this poduct because I heard that these type of beds need to be broken in before you can have a real good nights sleep. I would say that this memory foam/latex combo is a bit firmer than typical memory foam mattresses I've slept on but still in the 'medium' range of firmness...ie, my king bed spring/coil mattress is a bit firmer but I don't have any back problems (yet) so either works fine for me. I let my mattress straighten out for around 5 hours, and by that time the mattress was completely flat and much softer. Innocor emailed me a form to fill out and I have to send them a copy of the Amazon receipt and photos of the issues. As he stated, "All mattresses that are enjoyed in the showroom start the same, how soon they fail in your bedroom depends on what lies in the middle between your head and feet. That's why some reviewers talk about how heavy this mattress is - it's because it's so firm - and that's a good thing. Red de locales Serta. We've had our restonic now for 8 years and it still like sleeping on a cloud I would not have another mattress with another name other than Resonic for the rest of my life! After 3 nights on the Restonic, I slept soundly, but my lower back was starting to feel a little discomfort after the 3rd night. This is the only memory foam mattress in our house but I've slept on other memory foam mattresses. I opened up the mattress and it uncompressed to full mattress shape thus prompting my wife to say 'you will never ever get that mattress to go back in that box - trash that box, rake the leaves, put away the dishes, blah, blah, blah, etc, etc'.I was impressed with the actual mattress quality - nice fabric, durable stitching, sleek euro type look. The product only had a smell for the first night or two but nothing like some of the reviews had mentioned. I read a ton of reviews before purchasing this mattress. **UPDATE** Oct. 2014 No sagging....best bed EVER! We fought with furniture store to pick it up and it got restuffed by the makers. So I was very pleased to find the mattress on here.I bought the full sized bed and it came in a box that's roughly 4' by 2' by 2'. If you can't sleep and wake up with a back ache every day, please go get yourself a new Restonic mattress. My hubby outweighs me by 100 pounds. Every time I move it hurts. The Serta mattress you slept on at Hilton is available for purchase directly from the Hilton to Home program. The latex / memory foam hybrid design means you don't sink way down when you're on your knees during sex. The Restonic Brio Mattress is a quality mattress for people who are looking for affordable medium support, but with the cradling forgiveness of memory foam. I got a 25 year warranty, a bed that I believe will last longer than those other brands, and I want you to avoid going down the same road I went down for a decade by letting commercialism effect your decision. I opened the sliding door to let natural air in and seemed to be kind of gone by the evening. Our Custom Support ® innerspring features a continuous coil design with Head-to-Toe Coil Construction to promote proper back support, while reducing motion transfer from one sleep partner to the other. I went out and bought a 1inch foam topper to put on it to reduce the firmness. so far so good - no complaints at this point. We tried out the I-comfort mattress Raymour and Flanagan's and really liked it. But these all-foam mattresses are much better for shipping/purchasing through Amazon than spring-based mattresses are. Why am I not sleeping in my own bed you ask?...daughter likes to sleep with Mommy...Daddy swaps places and falls asleep peacefully on a couple of pillow pets. We purchased a restonic mattress a few years ago. NOW I CAN SLEEP IN BED AND MY HIP DOES NOT HURT. Longevity is one of the most important things to mattress buyers, but due to the new products launching often, it can be hard for shoppers to decipher. Say “goodbye!” to counting sheep! I have had this mattress for a year. We put the mattress straight onto it and this was an affordable option over a platform.I will need a new twin mattress soon and I will definitely be getting one of these mattresses for that bed. The memory foam provides a very natural feeling of support to the body. My husband and I moved to our new house and bought this mattress for our room. Amazingly, the Restonic Brio wasn't bad. It's amazing how a good mattress can change your life. 2) SOFTNESS - This is the Pillow Effect on the top of mattress that gives you comfort. I'm glad I did. It felt like I was sleeping on the floor. Because of that, I never had any desire to try a whole mattress made of memory foam. I have back problems, and I do think the mattress is hard but I also think it helps my back. We recently reviewed a Zinus twin mattress, and besides being cheaper across all sizes was also heaven to sleep on. We went to a department store to try out memory foam mattresses and got sticker shoch at the prices. Our hotel mattresses are the only Serta mattresses to feature a unique two-sided design for easy flipping of the mattress. Thanks!! For information on the mattress you slept on, call Serta’s Guest Purchase department at 1-877-HOTEL-40. It was shipped in a shrink wrapped container, folded in half, so there is still a noticeable ridge down the center of the bed that divides the two halves. After having owned the first one for quite a while, I felt the need to come back and clarify something.Foam mattresses and toppers are hot to sleep on. He was right and I am so thankful we stuck it out! I usually sleep HOT and was leary of trying the memory foam bed, but i was amazed at how cool it sleeps. I love my new bed. We could not justify the cost to buy one for the summer place. Supportive with temperature regulation for the coolest, most comfortable sleep ever. View Product Catalog, Perfect Sleeper Foundation - Starting at $120. Our new mattress is comfortable beyond words and so much lighter than the Tempurapedic we had before for many years. The warranty is trash, It cost to much for the company I bought it from to take it back. This mattress is so deliciously cozy that after the first night, I ordered one for my daughter as a birthday gift. Plus it wasn't comfortable because it was hot. About two hours. My wife liked it at first, but after a few weeks changed her mind. I told her that I slept very well in this bed. We have to deal with them and not Serta. My husband and I are not large people and I feel that the mattress has not held up. If you have a low bed platform, you'll probably want to buy a solid riser (unless you like doing an ab workout to get in an out of bed). Great mattress, great sleep, great life! This one is for our son and we are thinking about getting a king size for us !! I HAD LAID IT ON A SHEET AND WE WERE ABLE TO MOVE IT EASILY TO THE OTHER ROOM. It's easy to get comfortable in a variety of sleeping positions but it is also easy to get comfortable for reading in bed. so look at the specifics below to make sure that this mattress will work for you! This company is good but the mattress sucks. At first the little bounce is a different feel compared to other mattresses. Wound up going with the Structures by Malouf HIGHRISE Folding Metal Bed Frame 14" High Bi-Fold Platform Bed Base, KING and didn't even need plywood or anything. More info. This is only because the gel becomes cold and needs time to reach room temperature.
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