Aprende más en: como hacer una descripción en ingles brainly.lat/tarea/148391, no solo respondemos, también te explicamos, Descripcion de un animal en ingles y español. 4. Sharks are the predators of the sea and many people are scared of being attacked by a shark when they are swimming in the sea, especially in places like South Africa and Australia. The bat is the only mammal that flies and like owls, they are nocturnal animals. Esta lección sobre los animales salvajes en inglés se completa con la lección sobre animales domésticos y mascotas en inglés. Wolves and foxes are forest predators. They like living next to fresh water. The ant is the most common insect and they live together in huge colonies with thousands of ants in each. Aprende cómo se procesan los datos de tus comentarios. Birds: birds are animal that fly.They are small; they have beautiful feathers and awesome wings. 3. They are hardly ever among people’s favorite animals, perhaps because some of them can be dangerous for human beings, like snakes. Seals can also be very funny and they are very popular in aquatic park shows around the world. Aquí les tengo una buena lista de animales en Inglés. 5 You're going to write your answer to thisquestion: In your opinion, which is the mostimportant invention of the past 100 years?Use the Writing plan The bat is the only mammal that flies and like owls, they are nocturnal animals. B There's a show called Saved by a Star. Elephants are so heavy they cannot jump. Pigeons or doves are also the symbol of peace. Los campos requeridos están marcados *. Ellos son animales muy inteligentes probablemente los mas inteligentes animales que habitan el planeta. There are thousands of species of insects but most people don’t like any of them because they can be dangerous or painful for humans and other animals when they sting or bite. En ella encontramos muchos adjetivos y comparativos. A What kind of show is it? Wasps are yellow and black. Buffaloes live in herds too. Can you tell me? The macaw is a bird, subspecies of the parrots that has the characteristic of having a long tail. Fish are the most common and there are thousands of different species. Penguins are birds which don’t fly and live half their lives underwater. The plumage is mainly read with some blue and yellow on the tip of the wings. Giraffes are very popular animals because of their long, long neck. After all, «there’s plenty of fish in the sea». Can you please explain Wasps and bees can be easily confused because they look very similar although they are very different animals. Male kangaroos box each other to compete for the right to reproduce. We can find many animals living in forests all over the world. Sharks usually eat seals and sea lions, which are mammals and although they can live under the sea, they need to go outside to breath. The largest animal alive is the whale but they are very peaceful animals. Sesenta nombres de animales en inglés con atractivas ilustraciones para reforzar el vocabulario en inglés de Primaria. Whale watching is a very popular activity when you are on holidays by the sea. Descripción de 10 animales en inglés: 1. They are also known as wild pigs. The plumage is mainly read with some blue and yellow on the tip of the wings. 2. Crocodiles are the largest reptiles and they live in tropical rivers all around the world. Sometimes, they are even a plague. Some spiders are venomous and can be lethal. They are very intelligent and they have very good memory, too. Along lion, tigers are considered the big felines of the animal kingdom. Boars are like pigs but with fangs and can be very dangerous. Flies and mosquitos can be very annoying. They are so special! They say that turtles are slow and can live man years. Many people like butterflies because they are colorful and cute. Bees are orange and black and they are the ones to produce delicious honey. There are many wild animals that have Africa as their home. Jellyfish are very important to the sea because they clean it but they can also be very dangerous for swimmers. Octopuses have eight legs or tentacles and range in size from very small to enormous. Only female mosquitoes sting and take blood. de los animales y las características apropiadas. A Is there anything good on TV tonight? They do it because they need it to make their eggs. Other breeds of buffaloes live in North America and Asia. Some flying animals are birds and others are insects or even mammals. They are very hardworking and their social structure is very complex, almost human-like. They only live in the South Pole. Flamingos are very special birds because they are pink. Para imprimir una copia del vocabulario para estudiar o guardar como referencia, haz clic en el enlace "Lista de Vocabulario" abajo. Los Animales en Inglés. Flies are not lethal but they can be very numerous in the summer, especially in hot climates. Crows are black and some people also find them frightening. Male deer fight with their horns during the mating season. What's this show about? Their fur is stripped and very beautiful. Este sitio usa Akismet para reducir el spam. Do you know what he likes to watch on TV? Tu dirección de correo electrónico no será publicada. Las jirafas son mamíferos y son muy altas además  tienen el cuello muy largo porque se estiran para alcanzar los frutos que se encuentran en los árboles altos, ellas tienen en su piel manchas en formas irregulares que son de color café. Hyenas are smaller than lions and they are known for their peculiar laugh. They are quite similar but foxes are smaller. Seagulls live next to the sea because they eat fish. They can live underground, underwater or on trees. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Briefly say why youchose it. Raccoons only live in North America but everybody knows about them because they usually appear in films and TV shows. Deer are very noble animals and they look very beautiful too. Descripción de un animal en Español: Guacamayo. 2. They eat a lot of krill every day. Tema: descripción de animales. Worms and caterpillars are very similar and they are not considered insects.
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