[8] On April 8, he received the keys to the city of Formosa after having offered a concert in spite of the celebrations of its 121st anniversary. After brushing the side of the Blazer, he lost control of his Explorer and crashed against a highway barrier. [16][17] Meanwhile, the album A 2000 was certified quadruple platinum by CAPIF,[8] selling 750,000 copies. Nació en la localidad vallisoletana de Medina del Campo en 1398. Olmedo remarked that he had never seen one of Bueno's shows, and Bueno invited him to a show that same night at the club Escándalo in La Plata. The performance brought him his first recognition in the tropical music scene. [11] The songs from his first album release, Lo Mejor del Amor, became major radio hits that propelled him to national fame and earned him an ACE Award for Best Musical Act from the Argentine Association of Entertainment Journalists. Bueno introduced his next album, Aprendiendo a Vivir, with a live performance at the nightclub Fantástico Bailable. [14] His stress was also increased by multiple death threats, including a gang shooting near his house in Córdoba. [18] Due to the effort that the appearances required, Bueno starting drinking beer to excess. [35] The same year, he posthumously received two Carlos Gardel Awards. [51] The entertainment magazine Sin Cortes described it as a "failed film" that "took advantage of the Rodrigo phenomena". When the show ended at 22:45, Bueno went to the restaurant El Corralón in Buenos Aires' Palermo neighborhood, where he dined with his family, Fernando Olmedo (son of the comedian Alberto Olmedo) and comedian Pepe Parada. [19][20] With an estimated length of two-and-a-half hours, the show included original songs, as well as classics of the cuarteto genre as a tribute to his early influence Cuarteto Leo. The police source mentioned the possibility that Rodrigo's intensive routine might have increased the production of adrenaline in his body. Rodrigo Alejandro Bueno (Spanish: [roˈðɾiɣo aleˈxandɾo ˈβweno]; May 24, 1973 – June 24, 2000), also known by his stage name Rodrigo or his nickname "El Potro" ("the Colt"), was an Argentine singer of cuarteto music.He is widely regarded as the best, most famous and most influential singer in the history of this genre. [7], After six months of mourning, he returned with Made in Córdoba. Favorites. The success was followed by La Leyenda Continúa (certified gold by CAPIF) and Cuarteteando. Bueno and Olmedo, who were not wearing seat belts, were thrown from the car around kilometer 24.5–25 of the highway. [62] In January 2015 a new Rodrigo statue was unveiled. [45] One year after his death, Sony Records released the album Todos Juntos con Rodrigo, which includes the original songs from Sabroso with added vocals from Argentine and international singers such as Celia Cruz and Luciano Pereyra. The next year, Pesquera was taken to trial. He died on June 24, 2000 in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. [40][41] Since the investigation into Bueno's death was still open and further tests might be performed, his body was placed in a container by the Justice Ministry. [9] In 1991, he published his next album, Aprendiendo a Vivir, which he promoted with his first appearance in Buenos Aires at the nightclub Fantástico Bailable. Controversy, investigation of the accident and initial reaction, During the late 1980s until the crisis of 2001, Argentina adopted the suggestion of the IMF to fix the exchange rate of the Argentine peso (ARS) to 1ARS=1US$ (, Due to the inconsistency of CAPIF charts until 2000, only known chart rankings are noted. José Joaquín de Olmedo y Maruri (March 20, 1780 – February 19, 1847) ... Morlás, who was the daughter of fellow secessionist Pedro Morlás. Leopoldo de la Cañada ( chacarera Doble ) Música fernando olmedo Letra: Gustavo Vergara Estudio de Grabación: RUTA 20 RECORDS Director: José … Bueno's style was marked by his on-stage energy and charisma. [15], The only rehearsal was performed with the band Cuarteto Leo, held in the club Mundo Bailable, owned by his manager Jose Luis Gozalo. [8] He was known for his mixture of facial gestures and poses that accompanied his bravado image. [40] The idea of a burial at the Lanús Municipal Cemetery was rejected by his mother due to concerns about vandalism. [8] After experimenting with salsa and merengue, then performing as a ballad crooner, he shifted his style and repertoire entirely to cuarteto. A friend of his father belonged to the local band Manto Negro and offered Rodrigo a spot in the band. [26], In the early hours of June 24, after the show in La Plata, Bueno was driving back to Buenos Aires in a Ford Explorer SUV with his ex-wife, Patricia Pacheco; his son, Ramiro; Fernando Olmedo; musician Jorge Moreno; and radio host Alberto Pereyra. With the help of his father, he recorded an album of children's songs, Disco Baby, at the age of five. [7][8] Although he described himself as a "cuarteto fan", his first album had a rock style. The movie depicts a love story involving a teenage girl who idolized the singer with a montage of real concerts and songs as background. De 1415 a 1416 representó a su padre en el gobierno de Sicilia y Cerdeña como lugarteniente general. [11] His image differed from that of other tropical music bands that wore bright colors and had long, curly hair. [25] He detailed that he would finish his scheduled concerts, including a Christmas tour throughout the United States. Muni Santa Cruz, Escuela De Surf Punta De Lobos, Litueche Chile, Grupo San Luis, Titanium Club Perfil Lleno, Hijos De Mariana De Osorio, Marchigue … He received Best Male Tropical Performer for the album A 2000 and Song of the Year for his original "Soy Cordobés". Fernando nació en 1959, cuando su padre ya comenzaba su carrera artística, un año antes de la presentación del Capitán Piluso.Fue el hijo mayor del primer matrimonio del capocómico Alberto Olmedo (fallecido accidentalmente en 1988) con Judith Jaroslavsky.
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