Below are certain cases where the majority of players struggled the most: Boss battles without the aid of Tanya are almost impossible. When the tower appears, chances of obtaining eyes through quests will be gone, and beating his boss battle will award players with a copy of his card; after that, the moon will immediately disappear. Special attacks are performed by building up an energy bar through attacking or receiving damage. A Game Mode in which is the only method to obtain Shao Kahn/Konqueror. Before Update 2.0, Sonya Blade/Kold War, Kenshi/Ronin, Kung Lao/Revenant, Kitana/Dark Empress, Johnny Cage/Undead Hunter, Scorpion/Kold War, Kitana/Day of the Dead, Freddy Krueger/Nightmare, Sub-Zero/Kold War, Jade/Assassin, Jade/Day of the Dead, Erron Black/Day of the Dead, Kitana/Ronin, Takeda/Ronin, Leatherface/Pretty Lady, Kitana/Day of the Dead, Quan Chi/Tournament & Cassie Cage/Punk were all Challenge characters before they became Diamond. Mortal Kombat Mobile was a tie-in mobile game for Mortal Kombat X. As of the 3.0 Halloween update the Tower of Terror has returned. Just like you would against Challenge BOSS Assassin Jade, it is recommended that players use basic attacks and save up for X-Ray Attacks without using combo enders or special attacks (in order to prevent being counterattacked and crippled for a short amount of time). Uncommon: Kuai Liang’s Bracers, Ice Bomb and Frozen Mummy. It’s made of a full MK11 team composed of Scorpion/MK11, Jade/MK11 and Kabal/MK11. When you have a repeated customization, it will break in 10-25 rune fragments, which can be used to purchase a Strength Packs (100 fragments) or the Halloween Pack that rarely appears (50 fragments). He also grants his Strike Force teammates the ability to power drain on tag-in. After smashing the Relic you will get 10 Spirit Fragments. -- Jax Briggs/Revenant: he has a 30-50% chance of gaining invulnerability for 2-4 seconds when using special attacks (this is risky since Jade can counterattack if opponents use combo enders or special attacks). By playing the mobile game and completing certain challenges, you can unlock content for the console version of the game. Like the previous three games in the series, including MK Mobile, Mortal Kombat 11 is a 2.5D fighting game. A Trial event lasts 14 days, which allows players enough time to gather their ranks and be able to complete the event in order to gain the prize character. General Information You can buy souls and koins with each being given out during gameplay through the towers or daily bonus missions. There's Blood rubies that can be used to buy exclusive characters/equipment cards in the faction store The Most expensive things in the store are the exclusive character cards and the cheapest are the equipment cards. Also, it seems that the A.I. -- Quan Chi/Tournament: he has the ability to reflect three special attacks, as long as they are not X-Rays, which can sometimes prove to be useful against Jade since her boss version frequently uses SP1 and SP2. You can also unlock content for the mobile version by completing challenges on the console version. It is a time-limited event such as Relic Hunt, Lin Kuei Tower or Tower of Horror and it rotates with them. She will use X-Rays twice for different health thresholds but usually at 50% MORE DAMAGE and 200% MORE DAMAGE. The most accepted strategy is to run three 1-hour quests all day long (repeating them each time they’re completed) and then run three 8-hours quests when sleeping. Tanya/Treacherous is the heroine of the Lin Kuei Tower.,,,,,,,,,,,, Daily Bronze/Gift Pack, Character Challenge rewards, Character rotation in Store, Gift Pack, Character Challenge rewards, Character rotation in Store, Silver Pack, Character Challenge rewards, Gold Pack, Character rotation in Store - 250 Souls, Challenge Character, Faction Wars Season Reward, Challenge Character Pack, Character rotation in Store - 450 Souls, Jason Voorhees Pack, Challenge Character, Character rotation in Store - 450 Souls, Challenge Character, Faction Wars Season Reward, Quest Mode, Challenge Character Pack, Character rotation in Store - 450 Souls, Gold Netherrealm Pack, Quest Mode, Character rotation in Store - 450 Souls, 1600 Blood Rubies Faction Wars Store Exclusive, Challenge Character, Faction Wars Season Reward, Character rotation in Store - 450 Souls, Black Dragon Tower Exclusive, Black Dragon Diamond Pack, Circle of Shadows Pack, Diamond Netherealm Pack, Kold War Pack, Diamond Martial Artist Pack, Circle of Shadows Pack, Diamond Netherrealm Pack, Renegade Pack, Diamond Martial Artist Pack, Diamond Netherrealm Pack, Outworld Diamond Pack, Klassic Diamond Pack, Diamond Martial Artist Pack, Klassic Diamond Pack, Diamond SpecOps Pack, Klassic Diamond Pack, Quest Mode, Klassic Fighter Pack, Klassic Diamond Pack, Stunned and Frozen opponents take 10-50% more damage, Special Attack Mini-Games receive a 12-20% bonus to their result, 11-15% Special Attack 3 and X-Ray/Fatal Blow attack damage boost, 3-15% Basic Attack damage boost against enemies affected by Fire/Poison/Bleed DOT, Special Attack damage increased by 3-?% against enemies affected by Fire/Poison/Bleed DOT, Critical Hits gain 2-10% more Power upon impact, 12-20% Fire/Poison/Bleed DOT damage boost, 3-15% Chance to disable all enemy Special Attacks and X-Ray/Fatal Blow attacks for 5 seconds on Special Attack 1 use, 22-30% Chance Combo Enders deal 20% damage to all targets, 20-?% Chance Special Combo Enders from select equipment will instantly defeat any opponent under 25% health, Combo Enders have a 5-?% chance to apply Death Mark to the opponent, for 20 seconds disabling all forms of resurrection and increasing further damage taken by 10%, stacking up to 3 times, 4-?% Opponent unblockable attack chance reduction, 4-?% Opponent Critical Hit Chance reduction, Blocked basic attacks deal 10-30% less damage, Blocked Special Attacks deal 12-20% less damage, 4-20% Chance to reflect 100% damage from Unblockable Attacks, -20% to -40% Power drained from your characters, If you take Critical Damage, gain 10-50% of that damage as Power, Incoming DOTs and Frostbite have 30-46% decreased duration, 10-30% Chance to rinse DOTs on Special Attack use, On player death, 10-30% chance to be reduced to 1 health point and gain 5 seconds of invulnerability, On player death, 4-20% chance to deal 20% damage to the opponent's current health and cause Stun, Every time a teammate is defeated, each surviving opponent loses 10-30% of their current Power, After taking damage from a Special Attack, there is 4-20% chance to apply a Bone Shield for 5 seconds, When you only have one character alive, immediately gain 1 bar of Power and a 55-75% chance for Unblockable Attacks for 10 seconds, 2-10% Power Generation boost for inactive characters, Stun now has a 10-30% chance to apply Shield Break to the entire enemy team, 2-10% Power spent on Specials and X-Rays is refunded to each inactive teammate, Teammates who tag-in gain 4-20% increased Power Generation for 10 seconds, All Unblockable Attacks generate 1-5% more Power, Your Special Attack 3 or X-Ray/Fatal Blow attack costs 10-30% less Power, 4-20% Damage boost against Resurrected Enemies, Your Special Attack 1 costs 3-15% less Power, Every 750 points of Toughness reduces Critical Damage by 0.2-1%, Your Special Attack 2 costs 4-20% less Power, 3-15% Chance for your Special Attack 1 to cost no Power, 2-10% Power spent on special and X-Ray/Fatal Blow attacks is refunded to your active character, 2-10% Chance for your Special Attack 2 to cost no Power, 10-30% Chance to reflect 100% Special Attack 1 damage while blocking, 4-20% Chance to reflect 100% Special Attack 2 damage while blocking, Category 1 - 5 Battles, Requires Bronze and/or Silver Characters only, Category 2 - 7 Battles, Requires Silver and/or Gold Characters only, Category 3 - 9 Battles, Requires Gold and/or Diamond Characters of Fusion I or higher only, Category 4 - 12 Battles, Requires Gold and/or Diamond Characters of Fusion V or higher only, Category 5 - 15 Battles, Requires Diamond Characters only.
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