Ryder has saved Katie and Cali numerous times in the series which is why Katie relys on Ryder to save them when they are in trouble. Katie: Hi Ryder! And the rocks are blocking his way!'' He blushed when he saw her. He walked back to the Lookout thinking all the way about Katie, then a thought stopped him. (Ruffles Ryder's hair). Ryder asked Katie how the sleepover was going and Katie said it was over because of Cali running into the woods and it was very cold. After Katie was awake, Ryder was talking to her about how they got her awake and everything that happened and Katie already knew that the Dragon had something to do with her being asleep. Then Katie had leaned in and sealed it with a kiss. (Mr. Porter walks up and the two pups go back to playing volleyball with Alex). Template:YoutubePlayer (Close to you - The Carpenters). Katie: Oh, we don't need much help but I'd love to meet you! Well, I have to go now, bye! The current members are Chase, the German shepherd police dog. Characters Ryder liked Katie. PAW Patrol Catch Halloween Episodes All Week Brand NEW Episode Coming Oct 8th! Later in the episode when Cali ran away from not enjoying the sleepover, Katie and Everest panicked because they couldn't find her anywhere so she called Ryder. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. At the end of the episode, Katie thanks Ryder for saving her and Cali and Ryder as usual says his catchphrase that if she is ever in trouble, just yelp for help. Ryder: Well, my favorite color's red, what's yours? Ryder es un niño de 13 años y guía de la patrulla de los Paw Patrol. Mr. Porter: Hello you two! Wait, which spot? Chase squeezed the toothpaste with his paws slowly and started brushing his teeth. Ryder then gets the Paw Patrol to search for her lost kitten. No! After that, Rubble and Ryder made a snow stair case up to Katie and Cali and Ryder climbed up the steps and Katie said, "Yay Ryder!". Ryder: Yes, I like that too! Mayor Goodway: You seem to have been staring at the new girl. 8. Katie was just walking along the beach. (The water comes on and sprays Chickaletta) oops! Ryder: I can't help it, she's s-so beautiful... What should I do?? Katie: Wow, thank you! Ryder: Oh, what! Created By 15Foreverr and Fully Developed By Mrkooldude22 Rubble then asks Ryder who her true love was, and Ryder said Cali of course. RytieKader Wait! Ryder: Thanks, Mr. Porter! Ryder, since he was all ready started brushing Rocky's fur fast. When Katie calls Ryder for help, Ryder is always very confident that she will be saved and is always eager to save her. My name is Zack Ryder, but I go by the name Ryder. She always pulled through when Ryder or the pups needed her, making her officially part of the PAW Patrol (if being his girlfriend wasn't enough), and almost every Christmas, Katie would gift him something sweet. Nick Jr. Angelinatheballerinapup/I'm really sorry everyone, https://paw-patrol-relation-ship.fandom.com/wiki/Katie_X_Ryder?oldid=20859, Later after that, when Ryder told Katie to tell the engineer to get this train going, Katie told Ryder she would, but she was worried. Marshall, the dalmatian firefighter dog. Ryder: Now, I've invited the new neighbor, Katie who runs the grooming shop to Mr. Porters for lunch tomorrow. They sneaked over to Mr. Porter and whispered. Several fans of Ryder and Katie say that they would make a good couple. He got dressed, brushed his teeth, had a shower and did his hair before realizing he said noon. They both finish the shake and stare at each other, seemingly getting closer by the minute. Rocky: Let's order a large strawberry milkshake with two straws for them! Katie closed her eyes and began to drink from the straw. We're here. (Turns to the three pups) Now pups, I'm going to er- visit the new groomer to see how she is. After a while, Katie and Chase let go of the hug, and the Funeral service started, after Ryder’s Funeral, all of the PAW Patrol Pups took a Final stand for their fallen Leader, Chase was at the Front, with Marshall and Skye right behind him, then followed by Rubble and Zuma, and then by, Everest and Tracker, and finally by Tuck, Ella and Rex, all of the PAW Patrol Pups bowed their heads down. That's the spot! ''I need 3 pups for this action...'' Katie said. Skye successfully saved Cali and Katie was so relieved and thanked Ryder and Skye. Early days, when the PAW patrol was young... Ryder was teaching Marshall how to use his cannon at Mayor Goodway's since she wanted her steps cleaning. Katie was a special gal, who Ryder believes deserves the best. Ryder: It's noon pups! Then after that, while all the pups were playing, Ryder was pushing Katie on the swing. Katie was very grateful again for having Ryder and his pups save her again. Oh look! Rocky: Can we get a double-straw large strawberry milkshake for table six? Ryder: Well done Marshall! And that'll be..? They've finished! No se sabe el paradero de sus padres, pero sí que es el dueño de Marshall, Rubble,Chase,Rocky,Zuma y Skye. Near the end of the episode, Ryder and the pups found Cali stuck high up in a tree and Ryder told Marshall to use his ladder like a bridge to save her and it worked. Er- it's cold out there. The girl giggled and started reassuring her cat "Cali" again, Rocky and Chase continued to watch Marshall polish off the steps. I run the local rescue team called the PAW Patrol. I'm afraid we're not open yet, we're just un-boxing our new computer but I'm more than happy to meet you! Ryder kissed her once more and Katie blushed and a little speechless.
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