Take note that Samsung is not the forerunner for these features but they managed to integrate them within their premium smartphone devices. After making market segments on the basis of different classes and groups, the targets need to be identified and chosen. Some appeal to consumers who prefer bigger display screens. Positioning refers to the customer awareness about a brand and its uniqueness as compared to others. Take note that Apple does not invest heavily on traditional advertising and other marketing communication channels. There are those who do not mind the price but are very particular when it comes to hardware and design specifications. Version Daily is a magazine website covering and delivering broad range of topics and stories about business and industries, markets and economies, science and technology, and the environment. Beside these promotional activities, the Samsung smartphones use the incentive program, charity programs and the promotional gifts for effective sales in future. From the aforementioned, the push and pull marketing strategies work simultaneously for Samsung. The major competitor of the Samsung’s smartphones is iPhone by Apple, however, the companies in the industry are focused on the differentiate the applications and services, the companies are launching the new products every year, in order to compete for each other, moreover, competition is more intense in the smartphones industry. The care network of the company is wider. It will offer comprehensive solutions through the implementation of the latest technology. Product diversification works best for companies operating in a market populated by consumers from diverse demographic backgrounds and with different psychographics. Samsung in this way needs to carry on with it significant operation in the market, as a company could focus on the re-launch of the products that are failed in the market. There are weaknesses of the Samsung’s smartphones as, the company has many smartphone prototypes in the market, and thus, the company suffers the issues of the low return margin. This input feature stretches the capabilities of smartphones and tablets. Apple does not invest heavily on traditional advertising, The marketing strategy of Apple: A concise analysis, Partnership: Advantages and disadvantages, Limited liability company: Advantages and disadvantages, The marketing strategy for Samsung Galaxy, Precision medicine vs. personalized medicine, Electrophoretic display: Advantages and disadvantages, L-carnitine and Weight Loss: Evidence From Science, Explainer: How chronic stress affects the brain, Link between 9/11 terrorist attack and cancer, other diseases, Studies: link between talcum powder and cancer, Human urine as fertiliser for agriculture, MuCell Technology: Eco-friendly bottles from Unilever, Ancestor of snakes was nocturnal and had hindlimbs, Reasons for the success of the First Crusade, Inequality in capitalism according to Karl Marx. The latest technology that Samsung smartphone are having is the IPS display technology and the other AMOLED display technology based on the new technology the product is promoted by the company. The company also has the contradiction of Apple, as the Samsung’s smartphones are facing the lawful battle in the industry. The company offers some conjure phones as well such as Samsung S7 comes in Pink Gold color, which is especially for women. Customer appreciation, after sales strategies are also focused on the company so that there could be the complete analysis of the customers’ behavior regarding new phone (Ferrell & Hartline, 2010). Moreover, the company offers discounts as well through its promotions. As compared with the competitors Samsung smartphones are the most beautiful smartphones because they are designed brilliantly, the company is continuous towards the technological innovation and providing the exciting identical features to the customers.
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