Let’s get stuck in! The software has been built primarily for recording videos rather than streaming it, however, it does support the latter. During these 60 days you can experiment with features such as 4K inputs/outputs, lower 3rds, VLC streaming, instant replays, desktop capture, etc. OBS Studio gives you the possibility of recording videos directly from the webcam and mic. To get started, you will first want to invest in a streaming software that will make your videos look professional and clean. Reviews from users have put it in positive light. Twitch Studio es nuestra app de streaming gratuita diseñada desde cero para ayudar a los streamers nuevos a dar sus primeros pasos en tan solo unos minutos. Thanks for reading! From multiple talking heads to mixing together live feeds along with multiple scenes. If I have missed any good alternatives, please let me know as I plan on updating this article in the future. Todo lo que necesitas está al alcance de tus manos, como el chat, opciones de configuración de canal y alertas. Xsplit Gamecaster is a Twitch streaming option, that does sport excellent features but at a price. The major features include: Open source and free There have been instances where people have carried out interviews through Wirecast. With 140 million active streams and 2.2 million broadcasters, Twitch is one of the best platforms to share your livestream, whether that be Counter Strike to Fortnite. At the same time, you can add clips from games within a portion of the screen. However, the bad news is you go as high as 720p, that too with a watermark. For adding layers from the PC, you can install the desktop client as well. Our list of best twitch streaming options is rejuvenated by FFsplit, a free software that brings decent features to the table for enthusiasts. The interface has been liked by the gamer community and suitable for beginners. You can capture GIFs and 4K Screenshots from your video stream, add text to it and upload it. Luckily for you, I have researched and reviewed some of the best twitch streaming software options available so you can start your channel in no time! With LightStream, you get a powerful and intuitive streaming solution within your browser. There’s a free 60-day trial available after which you’ll have to pay to use the product. You get a video production tool through which you can mix multiple inputs, add transitions, titles and other effects. Shadowplay is an easy way to record and share your gameplays with the online community. For instance, during gameplay you can use the pen tool to highlight certain parts of the screen. The user interface is the biggest change you’ll notice when you use Streamlabs OBS. Dubbed as the most powerful free screen recorder, the software tops our list of best twitch streaming software options. There have also been reports that the Gamecaster doesn’t support some older games. The software’s true strength lies within recording videos rather than streaming gameplay. At times you may need extra effort, which would be useless if your sole purpose is streaming your gameplay. By simply visiting your browser’s app store, you can get the extension and go live in under 60 seconds. In addition, Wirecast can serve multiprotocol streams as well to iPhone, Flash and IPTV set-top boxes. You can basically do anything that a news network can. Before you get obsessed with the $449 price tag, you must be aware that the software is extremely powerful. ¿Necesitas ayuda para configurar tu stream? For new users, the interface would come across as extremely daunting. If you want to add other people to your feed, simple send them a link and they’ll be in it! You may import scenes from OBS with a few clicks. Neat and uncomplicated, you can easily set up the software or high-quality gameplays. Puedes iniciar un stream rápidamente desde un navegador o un dispositivo móvil, pero para configurar un stream que se vea genial y sea totalmente personalizado, necesitarás un software de streaming especial. Gameshow is a much cheaper alternative to the Xsplit Broadcaster. Furthermore, you can only run the software on Windows. In-game features include overlays, streamlined encoding and social network sharing. You can also see my post on what gear Disrespect uses. Wow this list is amazing! The interface is the most highlighted feature of the software. ... Once you have decided on the broadcasting software and had a chance to get things rolling you can expand on your broadcast capabilities with the … Hopefully my guide on the best twitch streaming software options has been helpful! Do all this, without leaving the game. With every passing week, developers have added new features to the software, bringing it at par with its competitors. Above that you’ll need to pay a fee, starting from US$4.17/month. Lastly, Gameshow has a couple of useful tools such as Twitter feed and Streamlabs alerts. • Vlogger Gear © 2020. The variety of customizable features and overall ease of use make it a fantastic Twitch streaming software option. The recording can be saved to your hard drive or shared to Twitch. The statement is becoming increasingly rare as more software switch to subscription models. Get instant access to our newsletter where we share the best guides, free presets and tips for creators! This is where Twitch comes into play as they have found the gap in the market that millions were craving for. For those who are unaware of advanced broadcast practices, Gamecaster is a good place to begin. In a nutshell, this is an efficient production tool that allows streaming SD, HD and 4K content. Nuestra comunidad de asistencia de Twitch Music en Discord te permitirá conectarte con streamers de música experimentados. When it comes down to it, any of these providers will be a good option for gamers start their new channel. Before, I am only using a screen recorder to do this task. You've successfully subscribed to the newsletter. You can record and/or live stream footage from your screen, feed from your webcam/mic and mix it. vMix is built along the same lines as Wirecast, i.e. This article is intended for broadcasters looking for broadcasting software to get started broadcasting on Twitch. Música en Twitch Software de streaming. The software requires a lot of CPU Usage which occasionally makes the software buggy. Puedes iniciar un stream rápidamente desde un navegador o un dispositivo móvil, pero para configurar un stream que se vea genial y sea totalmente personalizado, necesitarás un software de streaming especial. The major features are: NVIDIA Shadowplay is hardware accelerated, meaning it makes use of the GPU rather than the CPU. You can also easily add logo and other overlays to the stream to make the stream more customized. If required, you can even direct your stream to multiple sharing platforms at the same time. Its often said: don’t stream from a Mac unless you’re using Gameshow. But thanks to your recommendations, I think some of them are good so I will definitely try them!
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