Lerma MJN (2001) Diagnostico Fenologico y Nutrimental del Mango Ataulfo en el Soconusco, Chiapas. Intense flavor and flesh filled with nutrients thanks to a harvest at full physiological maturity. Mexico. Mukherjee SK (1953) The mango: Its botany, cultivation, uses and future … 645: 361-363. Ultra-fresh, 3 to 5 days from the producer to your plate. P-Ca, otro . Specifications 2 kg boxes 195 boxes per pallet Net: 2,0 Brutto: 2,5 his box is used for air shipment of ataulfo 4 kg boxes Sizes: 4/5/6/7/8/9/10/12/14 252 boxes per pallet 5544 pallets per container Net: 4,0 Brutto: 4,3 this box is used for sea shipments of tommy, knet, keit, and palmer. Magallanes-Cedeno R (2004) Areawide assessment of the 'Ataulfo' mango cultivation in the Soconusco Region of Chiapas, Mexico. Argofruta owns different brands such as Argo and Luca. Certified organic. Acta Hort. Universidad Autonoma de Chiapas. A natural source of healthiness and energy, rich in vitamin C, A and antioxidants. Ataulfo mangos are golden yellow and generally weigh between 6 and 10 ounces (170 and 280 g), with a somewhat sigmoid (oblong) shape and a gold-blushed yellow skin. Variety Ataulfo: a small yellow and sweet mango (also called Honey Mango) with a fibreless buttery pulp, to be eaten well ripe! 2015 la producción nacional de mango fue de 1,775,506.77 siendo Guerrero el líder en la producción de este fruto, seguido de Sinaloa y Nayarit, tal como se muestra en la siguiente gráfica: La producción total de mango está compuesta por al menos 6 variedades cuyo cultivo es sistematizado: Haden; Tommy/Atkins; Kaitt; Kent; Ataulfo y Manila, además de diversas variedades criollas. Morphological characteristics of 'Ataulfo' mango pollen are reported at four locations in Chiapas, Mexico. tesis de GAs en la etapa II (Rademacher, 2015). Their buttery flesh is not fibrous, and they have a thin pit. The 'Ataúlfo' mango, also called young, baby, yellow, honey, Adaulfo, Adolfo, or Champagne, is a mango cultivar from Mexico. Koyuncu, 2017), pero su uso en mango es muy escaso (Do . 188 pp. inhibidor de GAs, es usado en frutales templados, (Atay y . Tesis. Ecuador Crop Information • The Ecuadorian mango season began the third week of September and is projected to run until the second week of January with a projection of approximately 13.9 million boxes. • Ecuador’s main varieties are: Tommy Atkins (70%), Kent (13%), Ataulfo/Honey (12%) and Other (5%).
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