The social worker Leona Lenteja visits Nico to see if she is fit to take care of the girls. Vanessa Guzmán es una gran actriz mexicana. ", "Ratings México - 4 de noviembre de 2019", "Así fue la participación de Emir Pabón en 'Soltero con Hijas, "Ratings México - 5 de noviembre de 2019", "Ratings México - 6 de noviembre de 2019", "Ratings México - 7 de noviembre de 2019", "Ratings México - 8 de noviembre de 2019", "Ratings México - 11 de noviembre de 2019", "¿Te perdiste a Emilio y Juan Osorio en 'Soltero con Hijas'? "Masha secuestra al bebé de Nico y Victoria". Nico assures Victoria that he will show her how much he loves her and she agrees to move on (with conditions). Vanessa Guzman is on Facebook. She is an actress, known for Amor mío (2006), Soltero con hijas (2019) and Infames (2012). Youtuber narra el supuesto escándalo, Tania Rincón no necesita de lujos para hacer un baby shower, Elizabeth Olsen habla sobre los estándares físicos de Marvel Studios, Bad Bunny positivo a Covid-19: otras estrellas del reguetón que también se han contagiado, Masha's life is in danger. Because of a photo montage of Alexa that leaks on the network, Leona takes custody of the little one to Nico. After losing control of the vehicle, Antonio and Gabriela turn until they fall down a small precipice, wake up beaten and the woman cannot move, her husband crawls to where she is and assures her that everything will be fine and swears that She and her daughters are what she loves most in life. She is an actress, known for Amor mío (2006), Soltero con hijas (2019) and Infames (2012). Instantly, Nico goes to look for Camila at the beach, entrusting her nieces with Victoria. ¡Muchas gracias! The next day, Nico takes his nieces to see the new school where they will study. Masha flirts with Nico to separate him from Victoria. Nico and Victoria celebrate with their family, friends and much fun the end of their singleness; Ileana knows that between her and Rodrigo there can be nothing. With Gabriel Soto, Vanessa Guzmán, Pablo Montero, Mayrín Villanueva. Camila and Alondra fight again. Alexa offers an apology to Victoria for her behavior. El Calamal warns him that if he does not pay the first part of his sister's debt, his daughters will pay him. Superó a su competencia por 73%. Gabriela asks Juventino to leave the house and Rodrigo questions Nico about Victoria. Later, Nico gives the news of the school change to the girls, but they react depressingly. The Captain visits Masha in prison and she asks for forgiveness; Nico and Victoria set the wedding date. Soltero con hijas (2019) .... Victoria Robles Navarro1, Infames (2012) .... Ana Leguina/ Ana Preciado, Atrévete a soñar (2009-2010) .... Ana Castro, Amor mío (2006-2007) .... Abril Juárez Casadiego, Amar otra vez (2004) .... Verónica Santillán Vidal, Entre el amor y el odio (2002) .... Juliana Valencia Montes, Aventuras en el tiempo (2001) .... Faby Wolf, Carita de ángel (2000-2001) .... Gilda Esparza, Siempre te amaré (2000) .... Sabina Reyes Castellanos, Tres mujeres (1999-2000) .... Carolina Fontaner, También te puede interesar:  Quiénes son los padres de los hijos de Ana Bárbara, Todo lo que necesitas saber para comenzar tu día. Rodrigo and Victoria kiss, but she asks for time. Superó a su competencia por más de 79% ¡Gracias a todos nuestros fans por ser parte de esta historia! Masha won't let them humiliate her, so she plans to kidnap the Paz sisters. Victoria and Nico are in a club and he takes her out to dance (although they don't do very well for us to say). Victoria suffers a painful loss. Nico and Victoria end up having a mixed bachelor party and are ready to join their lives. Masha demands that Calamal get out of his way. Nikolai looks for Colonel Robles at his home, but only to warn Masha that he and his daughter live in Acapulco. Victoria and Rodrigo fight. Masha sends them a wedding gift. Nico apologizes to Victoria and swears there will be no more lies. Doña Alondra catches Hugo and Camila and scolds them, and Christmas is about to hit the ground in Acapulco. "Nicolás Contreras, ¿quieres casarte conmigo?". Soltero con hijas is a Mexican telenovela that premiered on Las Estrellas on 28 October 2019, and ended on 23 February 2020. Nico asks Alondra for help to save the girls. Santiago Zenteno as Father Domingo García Pérez, Gabriela's brother. Masha and Victoria face each other. Karla Gómez as Cristina Contreras, Nicolás' sister. Victoria and Ileana become sisters again. I’m blessed since you were born, today I wish you the BEST HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVER. El Calamal tries to kill Ileana, but Victoria gets in the way and her and the twins lives are in danger. Profile von Personen mit dem Namen Vanessa Guzman anzeigen. A family adopts Alexa and Samuel confesses his thefts. That makes Victoria feel even more shattered, but she holds her tears and goes straight to her ex-fiance to smear a cake slice in her face. Nico tries to convince Emilio Marcos to appear at the Alexa party. Desperate, Ileana and Victoria begin to ask for help, just like Juandi, but they never imagine that Rodrigo would save them. The Captain presses Victoria to get married. Nico is afraid of the arrival of a new baby, as three girls find it enough to deal with. Úrsula and Ileana confront Masha. Later, Victoria arrives at Nicolás's apartment with some cookies as a peace truce, a group of girls visit Nico. Recibe las noticias más relevantes del día en tu e-mail, Revisa tu bandeja de entrada para confirmar tu e-mail y empezar a recibir las últimas noticias, Recibe nuestras alertas de noticias para no perderte de nada. His sister Cristina confronts him for being careless and very clueless. Nico decides to take the girls to his apartment, but leaving the elevator, they meet Victoria who had previously discussed with her uncle. Camila tells Juandi that she feels something for Hugo. Alexa re-records a video that alters the family and Juandi rejects Calamal. Doña Alondra humiliates Victoria and takes custody of Nico. Victoria tries on the wedding dresses very excited and excited about the big day of her wedding, but that is what Mauricio, her fiancé to apologize to her, since he can't get married. ��������, Una publicación compartida por VANESSA (@vanessaguzmann) el 30 de Jun de 2019 a las 7:03 PDT. I’m blessed since you were…” Nico hides the ring in the cake, but Victoria swallows it, which ends up in the hospital. Revívela aquí", "¡Conoce la lista completa de nominados a Premios TVyNovelas 2020! Rodrigo declares his love to Ileana. Úrsula tells Rodrigo why Nico left Victoria. Later, both represent a play with everything and kiss. Nico tries to save Alexa from her adoptive parents. Vanessa Guzmán le dejó claro las cosas y es que la actriz chihuahuense  de 41 años no necesita de escándalos para que la prensa hable de ella, ya que ha demostrado que  ha demostrado que en cada un de sus facetas ha salido adelante, recordemos que Vanessa no solo es una excelente actriz, también se caracteriza por ser un buena conductora radiofónica y modelo, además de una excelente madre. Rodrigo and Hugo take Victoria and Camila serenade. What will Victoria say about it? She is married to Antonio and is mother of Camila, Alexa, and Sofía. Todos los derechos reservados. This page was last edited on 11 November 2020, at 22:09. Meanwhile, Nico arrives at the hospital, they confirm that his brother-in-law died at the scene of the accident and that his sister is very delicate. Rodrigo confesses to Nico's secret and he tries to fix things. Later, Victoria feels embarrassed by the situation, which tries to leave but meets Rodrigo. Nico is enraged by the imprudence of man and he is beaten. Nicolás arrives at Sofia's party, along with the cake, but he is wrong to bring a cake with the wrong name, and a thematic piñata from the soccer team to which his niece is not a follower.
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